After 7 Years Of Knee Pain, My Knees Feel Like New Again. Here’s How I Did It...

David Miller | 25/06/2021

David Miller | 25/06/2021

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After a series of injuries left me with debilitating knee pain 7 years ago, I thought my life was over.

It was bad enough that I suddenly couldn’t golf anymore… but even standing still for more than a few minutes caused me intense discomfort.

If you struggle with knee pain too, then you already know that the solutions out there aren’t great. But at the same time, living with the symptoms was miserable… and it wasn’t just the pain. My knee pain took away my favorite activities. It completely limited my life… I felt like I was losing my freedom. I had to do something.

After years of searching for an answer, I almost gave up…

First I tried painkillers, but they only masked the problem – and put me at high risk for addiction. Not exactly the natural, long-term solution I was looking for!

I’ve also tried foam rollers, which were difficult to carry around and required a lot of effort for a little relief. The best results I found came from knee braces, which were effective… but they were too bulky to wear around when I needed them most!

Eventually, I gave up. I started coaching my son’s team and stopped dreaming about ever playing again. But a few months ago, something happened…

At a routine appointment, my doctor told me about TheraICE Rx – a new invention that helps people with knee pain become active again.

He wanted me to try it… so I said yes, and I am SO glad I did! Within a few weeks of using TheraICE Rx, my knees felt 20 years younger. I’m more active now than I was a decade ago!

Take it from me: There is no better feeling than returning to an activity you love. For me, it was golf

– for you, perhaps it’s running, gardening, or playing with grandchildren. In any case, if your knee pain has held you back in life, then you’re going to love learning about TheraICE Rx!

What is TheraICE Rx?

TheraICE Rx is a revolutionary “hot and cold” compression sleeve that provides soothing pain relief to your legs and/or arms in minutes.

To the untrained eye, it may seem like a traditional compression sleeve… but it’s actually a huge breakthrough in pain management. In fact, it’s quickly become the #1 choice for top athletic therapists and medical practitioners worldwide!

Why? Because TheraICE Rx offers BOTH hot and cold therapy in one convenient sleeve – along with 360-degree compression to further enhance the therapies. Now you can enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of doctor-recommended cryotherapy and heat treatments anywhere you want, whenever you need!

TheraICE Rx’s “dual therapy” technique is extremely effective for all sorts of pain – including:

⦿ Arthritis

⦿ Tendonitis

⦿ Joint pain

⦿ Torn muscles

⦿ Tennis elbow

⦿ Strains & sprains

⦿ And more!

I use it for knee pain the most, but it can actually be used on many areas of the body that are prone to wear and tear – such as the elbows, arms, calves, and more.

The device itself is made with cutting-edge material and expert-grade gel, which make the compression sleeve comfortable and flexible. You’ll never need another ice pack or hot pad again!

30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee - If for any reason you're not 100% satisfied with your TheraICE RX, you can easily return it, hassle-free!

How do you use the TheraICE Rx Sleeve?

Because TheraICE Rx features both hot and cold therapy, the way you use it depends on the type of relief you’re looking to get.

Because TheraICE Rx features both hot and cold therapy, the way you use it depends on the type of relief you’re looking to get.

Hot therapy is excellent at reducing chronic pain, while cold compression therapy is proven to improve your body’s recovery time by reducing pain, swelling and inflammation.

To use the cold therapy, simply place your TheraICE Rx in the freezer for 2 hours. When ready, easily slide it onto the area you want to help recover. Relax for 15 minutes and enjoy the relief!

To use the hot therapy, simply microwave your TheraICE Rx for 10 seconds. If you’d like it a bit warmer, keep zapping it in 5-second increments. When it’s at the desired temperature, just slide it on!

TheraICE Rx is very easy to put on and remove, so the whole process only takes a few minutes – and since it maintains temperature so well, you don’t need to re-freeze or re-heat during therapy.

Personally, I use the heat therapy the most – it provides amazing relief during the day, so I’ll use it 2-3 times daily for 30 minutes at a time. If I’ve had a particularly active day, I’ll end it with soothing cold compression.

Even though I got it for knee pain, I occasionally use it for my elbows and arms too. It’s so convenient to have one device for all my aches and pains!

I feel like a changed person since using TheraICE Rx – it’s incredible!

Honestly, I never expected to use my golf clubs again – but now I’m back at the driving range and even playing the course. It’s been an absolute game-changer for me.

If you’re on your feet for more than an hour a day and DON’T already use some form of hot and cold therapy, then TheraICE Rx is going to blow you away!

You’ll see the immediate benefits of pain relief and faster recovery times – but you’ll also see long-term benefits of doctor-recommended compression.

That’s what I love about TheraICE Rx – not only does it help relieve the symptoms, the techniques it uses are also proven to be good for your body. In fact, many users (including me) have noticed a boost in mood, energy, and endurance from using TheraICE Rx!

So, whether you’re suffering from an injury or you just want to keep your precious joints in top form for years to come, I highly recommend trying TheraICE Rx… and since they have a 30-day money-back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose. It gave me my life back – and judging by the thousands of 5-star reviews TheraICE has, I’m clearly not alone!


⦿ Uses Doctor-Recommended Therapies

⦿ Works On Your Arm Or Leg

⦿ Lasts for Years

⦿ Wear Anytime, Anywhere

⦿ $1,000,000 In Sales And Counting!

⦿ 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee


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Here’s Why People Love TheraICE Rx…

Lisa Murdock - Reviewed in the United States on August 18, 2021
I love this because it stays in place and I can do things while I’m getting my ice therapy. I have a small arms and knees but this product will fit over both and rebounds well. The gel is great because it’s not stiff and inflexible. After one hour of freezing I can put this on my elbow then my shoulder and then my thoracic spine. It’s great follow the instructions it’s a warm pack too. I just can’t say enough about how happy I am that I bought this.
Jeff - Reviewed in the United States on February 5, 2020
I can't believe how happy I am with this product! It is exactly what I was looking for to provide wearable cold therapy to my elbows. The packs slide on easily and stay cold for 15-20 min. The construction is great. I did order one and have to return for an exchange because I pulled up on the stitches directly instead of on the material and the stitches pulled. They didn't break but I didn't want to risk the stitches separating after the return period has expired to I did an exchange. Now, I have been using two of them 2x every day and they are holding strong. I am really happy with this product and would buy more if/when I have the need. Takes about 30 min in the freezer to get nice and cold. As a product comparison, I also purchased the LotFancy compression sleeve ice pack but returned it because, in my opinion, it wasn't build as strong as this product. Also, it didn't provide the same amount of ice pack coverage as this product. Thank you.
Aaron A Jensen - Reviewed in the United States on January 3, 2020
This ice pack is great! I constantly need to ice my elbow, and with normal ice packs that is a serious task. This is sleeve allows me to just put it on in the morning while getting ready for work, and in the evening while relaxing, or making dinner, or walking the dog. I love how convenient and easy this ice pack is. I've been recommending to all my friends who have achy joints.
Susan R. Withers - Reviewed in the United States on January 31, 2020
This product exceeds my expectations! It is perfect for cold therapy for my elbow and forearm to help with tendonitis and nerve inflammation. The material is soft and fits closely without being too tight. I am confident this will help to speed up recovery more than the regular cold-wraps I had been using that were difficult to keep in place on the elbow and forearm. I just ordered another one of these so I can always have one in the freezer ready to use for the next application. Thanks so much for this very beneficial product!!!
Emily - Reviewed in the United States on August 20, 2019
Really great idea and product that provides immediate and fitted relief post work out or post injury. I love the convenience of slipping it on after workout and just driving without any awkward straps or bulk to ice down my knee. It feels like a typical knee sleeve. This thing has been incredible to use post ACL surgery and really helps bring down the swelling. It gets really cold and is zero maintenance afterward- no ice bags or melting etc. I’m going to buy a few more. For what they cost, this is going to be my go to icing brace of choice.

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Have a Question? See Our FAQs

Can I use TheraICE Rx Compression Sleeve on more than just my knee and elbows?
Absolutely! You can wear the TheraICE Rx compression sleeve on almost any part of your arm and legs. This includes your biceps, elbows, forearms, wrists, hamstrings and quads, knees, calves, shins, and ankles. Simply slide on your TheraICE Rx Compression Sleeve over your arm and leg wherever you're feeling joint pain or muscle discomfort. Immediately feel the sleeve working and the relaxing heat or cool temps work to reduce pain and aches. Note: You can also choose to wear several sleeves at a time to relieve multiple areas, or keep extras in the freezer for longer relief.
Can I use TheraICE RX to relieve pain from injuries?
TheraICE Rx uses the exact therapy methods recommended by doctors to help relieve pain from inflammation or swelling, arthritis pain, strains, sprains, tendinitis or tendinosis, bursitis, osteoarthritis, and more. There are hundreds of reasons to use TheraICE.
Can I wear TheraICE all the time?
You can wear TheraICE almost anywhere thanks to its extreme flexibility and low-profile design. TheraICE is super thin and flexible, making it easy to wear it on the go and even conceal under long clothing if you don't want others to know you're wearing it. Use TheraICE while relaxing at home, at work, to sleep, while running errands, or even during your favorite activities.
Is it easy to put on and take off?
Yes! TheraICE takes only seconds to put on and it's so easy anyone can do it, thanks to its stretchy soft material. Putting it on feels great too. Just pull your hand or foot through the hole and slide it up your arm like you were putting on a brand new sock. Then pull it on gently over your arm or leg, adjust until it completely covers that aching joint or muscle you want to target. Enjoy the next few minutes as the pain begins to melt away. When you're done, slide it off the same way you put it on and store it back in the freezer inside your freezer bag until you're ready to use it again.
Can I wear it directly on my skin?
Yes! The expert-grade gel in your TheraICE Rx Compression Sleeve is covered completely by our unique safe-layer comfort fabric, so you can feel safe putting it directly on your skin without the danger of heat or cold burns. The cold and hot therapy lasts for 15 minutes – as the doctor recommends.
How long does it stay hot/cold for?
You can wear TheraICE for as long as you want to. Just note that the TheraICE temperature therapy is specifically designed to stay cold/hot for 15 minutes. This is the length of time that's typically recommended for hot and cold therapy – making it easy to apply your temperature therapy for the perfect amount of time.
How often should you sterilize your toothbrush?
After every brush! In less than 24 hours, one single germ can explode into more than 8 million cells – even on a brand new toothbrush. That’s why it’s so important to have an everyday cleaning device like Bril!
Can I wear more than one at once?
Yes, many of our customers choose to wear more than one TheraICE Rx sleeve at the same time (for example: to ice both knees at one). You can wear up to 6 at the same time to relieve multiple for a relaxing full-body cool-down or keep extras in the freezer for longer relief.
Will it fit under a shirt or pants?
Absolutely. Because the TheraICE Rx Compression Sleeve isn’t bulky like traditional ice packs, or knee or elbow braces, it’s slim enough to wear under a shirt or pants so you can get relief from sore joints and muscles without anyone knowing it’s there. It's also incredibly flexible, allowing for full range-of-motion so it won't get in the way of your daily activities.
When can I expect my order?
FAST! We ship all orders within 24-48 hours of receiving them! On average our product is delivered within 3-5 business days in the United States. For orders outside the USA, please allow 7-12 business days for your order to arrive. Delivery times will vary based on country.
Does it come with a money-back guarantee?
Yes! Every TheraICE Rx Compression Sleeve comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 1-year warranty so you can try it for yourself 100% risk-free!

Representations regarding the efficacy and safety of TheraICE RX Compression Sleeve have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease. This information does not constitute medical advice and it should not be relied upon as such. Consult with your doctor before modifying your regular medical regime.

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