This Revolutionary New Doctor-Approved Device Can Save You From Choking In Seconds

Diana Moore | 08/11/2021

Diana Moore | 08/11/2021

“If a loved one starts choking, you don’t have to think about anything… the LifeVac does all the work. And it’s 100% effective to date…”

I remember it like yesterday. My 13-month-old son Elliott was sitting in his high chair, eating flat pretzels like he had a million times before…

The device helps tackle a serious problem for those with lung conditions that most current medications don’t address:

But this time, something was different. We normally can’t get him to keep quiet… yet all of a sudden, he began to silently choke.

The device helps tackle a serious problem for those with lung conditions that most current medications don’t address:

I’ll never forget the horror in my husband’s eyes as he realized what was happening: Elliot was choking – he couldn’t breathe.

As he gasped, breathless, we both leapt to our feet. Thankfully, my husband knew what to do. He rushed to the kitchen and grabbed our LifeVac – the device that saved Elliot’s life. It was like a miracle.

We took him out of his seat, laid him on the floor, and put the LifeVac over his face.

After one hard pump the pretzel was removed… and Elliot, despite being shaken up, was fine.

Thankfully LifeVac worked! After all, you can’t give such a young child the heimlich, and back slaps would be dangerous.

Looking back, I’ll never forget how helpless I felt in that moment… and how lucky we were.

Had I not seen a late-night ad for LifeVac and decided that the price was worth ensuring that my child would be saved during a choking emergency, I’m sure we would have had a much different and awful rest of our year and life. Thank you LifeVac from the bottom of our hearts for keeping our family together.

These days, I’m happy to tell my story. LifeVac has become my go-to gift for baby showers… but as I’ve learned, it’s not just useful for children. Despite being released recently, it’s already saved 90+ lives – of all ages, and it’s been proven to be 100% effective to date – with no adverse effects.

Once I saw what it could do I ordered mine right away… and apparently, I wasn’t the only one – they’ve already sold 100,000+ LifeVacs across 40 countries!

What is LifeVac?

Recommended by hundreds of doctors and medical professionals around the world. Over 100,000 sold in over 40 countries and counting! With over 1300+ Star Reviews. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ .

The LifeVac is an airway clearance device that quickly and safely removes obstructions when someone is choking.

Unlike back slaps and abdominal thrusts, LifeVac uses suction to smoothly remove the object instead of using blunt force.

You use it after attempting back slaps and abdominal thrusts (if possible). It’s like a “safety net” for when all else fails.

This device can be used on both children (over 22lbs) and adults since it includes two mask sizes. You can even use LifeVac to save yourself from choking! Please consult a medical doctor if you have an illness, disorder, or other health-related conditions.*

Clinical studies have proven LifeVac to be 100% effective to date.³

Even better, you don’t need a special training course to use it or a prescription to buy it.

It’s a major breakthrough in medical science, and I won’t be surprised when every household, restaurant and retirement home has a set of LifeVacs on hand. LifeVac really works – and it’s already saved over 138 lives.

🔴 ..Choking is a leading cause of death in children under 5 and adults over 65

🔴 ..A choking death occurs every 2 hours

🔴 ..Most Choking deaths are caused by food

🔴 ..Brain damage starts after 5 min, the average U.S Emergency response time is 10-14 minutes

🟢 ..Lifevac has saved over 138 Lives and counting

🟢 ..LifeVac works on children and adults

🟢 ..LifeVac is ​endorsed​ by medical experts

🟢 ..It is Clinically Proven For Adults and Children

Be Prepared For Emergencies. Protect Your Loved Ones Today!

How do you use the LifeVac?

Using LifeVac is easy: Place the suction device over the victim's nose and mouth, push down on the handle to compress the unit, pull up with a swift tug. It is as simple as that.

LifeVac creates a seal around the victim’s mouth, which creates a vacuum. In most cases, the object will be removed on the first pull – but you can repeat this process again if needed.

Think of LifeVac like a fire extinguisher. You may not always need it but you should ALWAYS have one. Also like a fire extinguisher, LifeVac is ready to be used within seconds. It’s painless and doesn’t require physical strength thanks to its innovative design.

“Each LifeVac ‘Home Kit’ comes with everything you need to save a choking victim with LifeVac – including an adult mask, and a child mask, and a practice mask. This means one device is equipped to cover your whole family with adult and pediatric masks.

If you or a loved one spends lots of time away from the house, like at work or at school, you can also add the Travel Kit to your order – perfect for the office drawer, glovebox, and even your child’s classroom.

Who needs LifeVac the most?

Despite its recent release, LifeVac is making waves across the world already. Stories have poured in from families, retirement homes, and restaurants, while thousands of homes have been equipped.

Of course, there’s also real science-backed research behind it. This is exactly why doctors are now strongly recommending LifeVac – especially for anyone living alone, young children, seniors, the obese, pregnant women, and those prone to choking.

Medical professionals, policemen, doctors, teachers, and all other emergency responders are all raving about LifeVac.

Because virtually anyone can use LifeVac, there’s really no place that shouldn’t have one readily available – LifeVac should be in every home, office, school, daycare center, retirement home, and restaurant!

Conclusion: LifeVac gives you peace of mind – I just hope you don’t have to use it.

To be honest, I wish LifeVac didn’t have to exist – but I’m glad it does. It’s going to prevent so many deaths that could have been avoided.

But more importantly to me, I feel calm having one around. When someone starts choking, you feel trapped. Your adrenaline rushes, and you wish you had an easy answer – a silver bullet that could make it all go away.

Now that silver bullet finally exists. I’m incredibly grateful to the founder who took it upon himself to bring LifeVac to life, and I hope this article has helped you realize just how big of a breakthrough this device is!


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Be Prepared For Emergencies. Protect Your Loved Ones Today!

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Here’s Why People Love LifeVac…

Tina - “Because of this device my son is alive! Thank god!”
My adult son choked today on french fries while I was driving on the freeway. He was not moving air and very scared. I pulled onto the shoulder and was able to frantically put it together and used it on him. With 2 plunges the french fries were out and he was breathing. It took a matter of seconds to put together and use it and he was moving air. Because of this device my son is alive! Thank god! It is definitely worth the money. I am going to buy more!
Michael - “Doctor Approved”
As an ER physician and a new parent, choking comes unexpectedly and takes lives. This is necessary for anyone with babies. If they are choking, this is your best bet as standard practices don’t work and can damage soft developing tissue.
Morgan - “LifeVac removed the food in less than 5 seconds”
For all those who are doubting, the LifeVac saved my 1 year old's life, yesterday morning. I kept it because it was given as a gift to me. But when my son started choking, and nothing was working to dislodge the food from his throat, the LifeVac is what saved my son's life. He was turning red and purple, there was no air coming in or out of his body. The LifeVac removed the food that he was choking on, in less than 5 seconds of use. My baby is still alive because of the LifeVac!
Angel - “Life saving device and 100% worth every penny.”
Is your life or your child's life, worth LESS than 100 bucks to you? This product is absolutely worth every penny. And I'll be still very happy to have bought it, even if I don't ever get to use it. I know it is there if I ever need it. This thing is absolutely fantastic. I've practiced a few times and from what I saw, it can very well save a life, in those critical few minutes you have, before the person becomes so deprived from oxygen and ultimately dies. Very easy to use. I'm grateful for it.
Sebrina L - This saved my disabled daughter’s life
I bought this item a few years ago after my daughter did a swallow study and we found out she can’t swallow well at all and had to switch her to tube feeds. My daughter is cognitively and physically disabled. Today, my other daughter left her hot dog out and my disabled daughter must have gotten into it, we didn’t see it happen, we only saw her choking. We were able to get the hot dog out within seconds. This device saved my daughter today.

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Have a Question? See Our FAQs

Can LifeVac be used on anyone that is choking?
LifeVac can be used to help protect all family members. The LifeVac is equipped to use on children as small as 22 pounds or heavier, utilizing the child mask. The adult mask is for use on full-sized adults and seniors. Both the child and adult masks are included in every Home Kit and Travel Kit. Unlike the traditional Heimlich Maneuver, LifeVac is also effective on those with illness, disorder, medical, or other health-related reasons. Consult a medical doctor before using LifeVac.
Can LifeVac be used more than once/Can it be reused?
The LifeVac device is a one-time use only apparatus. The product should not be used again for sanitary reasons. IMPORTANT: If used in a choking emergency and has saved the victim's life, the unit should be discarded. If this happens we ask customers to contact us at to fill out our Saved Life Report. After contact is made, we’ll gladly send you a brand new LifeVac free of charge. LifeVac can be used multiple times if the obstruction is not dislodged on the first application.
Can I use LifeVac on myself?
Yes! One of the best things about LifeVac is that it can be self-administered (and is highly effective) during a choking emergency.
Do you have proof that the LifeVac will work and is safe to use during a choking emergency?
Great question and absolutely! Clinical studies and 3rd party testing all confirm LifeVac to be highly effective to use during a choking emergency.² LifeVac has saved over 80 lives worldwide with no adverse effects. LifeVac is also endorsed and has articles written by many accomplished medical experts.²
Is LifeVac FDA approved?
LifeVac in the USA is registered with the FDA as a Class 2 Suction Apparatus. As a Class 2 Suction Apparatus LifeVac cannot be “approved”. LifeVac adheres to the highest of FDA requirements.
Can LifeVac be used before the Heimlich?
LifeVac is intended to be used after choking rescue procedures have been performed are unsuccessful. We recommend the Heimlich as the first line of defense standard choking protocol.
Does it hurt the patient when a LifeVac is used?
We’ve spent thousands of hours carefully designing LifeVac to be as comfortable and as safe as possible. LifeVac is the world's only non-invasive airway clearing device. Other anti-choking devices are bulky and require you to stick a tube down the patient's throat, but not LifeVac. LifeVac uses the power of suction and it's patented one-way valve to dislodge food or objects without the need for a long tube. This makes it easier to use and more comfortable for the patient.
When can I expect my order?
On average our product is delivered within 5-7 business days to anywhere in North America.
Can I get a discount if I order more than one LifeVac?
Absolutely! We created a special offer on this website with discounted bundles so you can order multiple LifeVac devices at the best price possible. Remember, LifeVac is like a fire extinguisher – having one when you need it is critical. Instead of constantly remembering to bring one with you – have a LifeVac at home, keep one at school or work… so you always have one in case you need it.
Is there a money back guarantee and/or warranty?
Returns will be accepted within 10 days of receipt of the order. Return units must be unopened. Opened units may be returned but only for the reason of a manufacturer defect to the unit or masks.

Representations regarding the efficacy and safety of LifeVac have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA only evaluates foods and drugs, not Registration Class II medical devices. These products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease. This information does not constitute medical advice and it should not be relied upon as such. Consult with your doctor before modifying your regular medical regime.

Purchasing here is buying directly from LifeVac, the inventors of this innovative solution. LifeVac has partnered with GiddyUp, a curator of innovative products, to present a special offer that you won’t find anywhere else. To support these inventors, please consider buying your LifeVac on this site, rather than 3rd-Party retailers.

*Reviews: Tina | Michael | Morgan | Angel | Sebrina L

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